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Platinum Plumbing Services offers a variety of water softener supplies and services. We supply water softeners and water conditioning systems to clients all throughout Utah’s Salt Lake Valley and surrounding areas, including Park City and Heber.

Water softeners and water conditioning systems keep your water safe by removing contaminants like harmful chemicals and toxic heavy metals. Water softeners and water conditioning systems also increase the lifespan of your dish washer, washing machine and other water appliances while keeping your clothes and dishes free of hard water spotting and mineral residue.

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No More Hard Water Build-up

The nuvoH2O water softener not only prevents hard water build-up, but actually removes existing hard water build-up.

Eco-Friendly Saltless Design

Traditional water softeners use salt to soften water, leading to gallons of salty waste water being dumped into our environment. The nuvoH2O water softener doesn’t use salt, doesn’t produce waste water, and doesn’t require electricity.

Compact Design and Easy Maintenance

All nuvoH2O water softeners stand less than 3 feet tall and are no more than 8 inches wide. nuvoH2O water softeners won’t take up precious space in your basement or garage. They’re perfect for apartments, condos, and any location with limited space. And instead of requiring heavy bags of salt like traditional water softeners, the nuvoH2O water softener only requires a simple cartridge replacement every six months.

Lifetime Warranty and Money-Back Guarantee

NuvoH2O’s water softening technology is based on 25 years of experience in water softening for some of the nation’s largest businesses. To ensure your satisfaction, nuvoH2O offers a 90-day 100% money-back guarantee and a lifetime product warranty. And each nuvoH2O system is FDA and NSF approved.

Saves on Household Expenses

With its low initial cost, inexpensive maintenance, and lifetime product warranty, the nuvoH2O water softener can save you thousands of dollars on your yearly household expenses. In addition to these savings, you will enjoy increased lifespan and efficiency for your pipes, fixtures, and appliances.

Sentry II On-Demand Metered System

Cleaner Feeling Water

Water softeners remove chemicals and mineral residue that can dry out your skin, so you’ll feel cleaner after a bath or shower and you won’t have to use as much soap or detergent when cleaning with water from a water softener.

Increased Lifespan of Appliances

Installing a water softener will increase the lifespan of appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, and water heaters.

Reduced Water Spotting and Damage

Installing a water softener will reduce the amount of water spotting and etching on dishes. A water softener will also reduce the amount of mineral residue left on your clothing after washing that can cause staining and fabric breakdown.

Microline Reverse Osmosis System

Efficient and Economical

Reverse osmosis is the most efficient and economical water purification system. It doesn’t produce any chemicals during the filtration process and it uses no electricity.

Cleaner, Better Tasting Water

Reverse osmosis removes 90-99% of contaminants from your water, including lead and other toxic heavy metals. And reverse osmosis filtration produces water that is cleaner, safer, and healthier than bottled water for a much lower price.

Removes Flouride from Water

Reverse osmosis, unlike many other filtration methods, will remove flouride from your drinking water.

Big Blue Filter Housings

Clean Water from Every Source

With a whole house filter, every water source in your home will have clean, safe, filtered water. So, the water in your shower will be just as free from contaminants as the water from your kitchen faucet.

Removes Harmful Chemicals

A whole house filter removes harmful chemicals like chlorine I’ve from your water as soon as it enters your plumbing, making sure that those chemicals aren’t released into the air or embedded into your clothing.

Removes Soap Scum

A whole house filter removes chemicals from the water used for washing, so you won’t have as much soap scum on your dishes, tubs, or toilets.

Matrikx Carbon Block Filter

Filters for All Systems

Water Softeners Only provides filters for most makes and models of water purification and water filtration systems.

Filter Information

Water purification and filtration systems come in a wide variety, each one requiring a different type of filter. Water Softeners Only can give you the information you need to ensure that you get the right filter for your system.

Replacement Information

Different types of filters need to be replaced at different intervals. Water Softeners Only can give you the information you need to ensure that your filter is being properly maintained and functioning at its best.

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