Platinum Plumbing Services, Inc. was started in 2006 by Paul McGillis and Michael Clarke. After working in the plumbing trade for nearly a decade, Paul and Mike wanted to get away from the assembly-line plumbing style of the big plumbing companies and go into business for themselves. They knew that starting a business in such a competitive field would be hard work. But they wanted to do it for the opportunity to put their broad range of plumbing skills to work, and to be able to see all their projects through from start to finish.

Today, Platinum Plumbing Services is a growing company, but still maintains a small company approach to business, providing a more reliable and more personalized service for our customers. When you call us with a plumbing question or a plumbing project you’d like to start, you’ll talk directly to one of the owners. And when we’re working on a plumbing project for your home or business, you’ll see the same person on the job site every day until the project is finished.

Together, Paul and Mike have over thirty years of plumbing experience. They’ve worked on every kind of plumbing project and in every phase of construction. So they’ll always be able to give you any information or advice you may need regarding your plumbing projects.